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Imagine ...

... being updated with things that interest you as they happen around you ...

... sharing things of interest to keep your local community informed ...

... exchanging and interacting with people without even knowing them ...

... sharing the give and take as a community ...

uSpread. iFind.


knowledge, requests, hints, questions, offers, answers, demands, thoughts, inspiration and share them with the world - around you!


things you haven’t been aware of, you ever searched for, you never expected, you need right now or you exactly looking for - around you!

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Simple Idea


Share information convenient, instantly, geo-located and visible for public with your environment.


Always be up to date wherever you are, explore your close environment and capitalize from a collective community of knowledge.



uSpread knows your geo location and matches
with content around your position.


Information is always up to date and
synced continuously.


A voting system secures information quality
and influences users reputations.

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Key Features

Filtering & Sorting

Use several filters with diverse options to customize a relevant information scope.

Private Messaging

Get in touch with other users to share further details or to have a conversation.

Interactive Map

Spread positions visualized on a map to improve navigation and focussing.


Make your spread easier to find for others, to help you to find interesting spreads or to follow exciting topics around you.


Voting & Commenting

Receive instant feedback by comments and a reputation influencing voting system.

Relevance System

Spreading relevant and quality information improves a spreads visibility in the stream.

Personal Notifications

Being up to date about relevant spreads by individual notification management.

Swipe - View

Survey single information quickly and ongoning and to evaluate them according to your interests.


"We want to make the world a better place by connecting people with their close environment and finally among each other."

Felix Schürholz


Felix Schürholz

Felix is a software developer living in Cologne. Specialized in the area of mobile solutions with more than five years experience.

Björn Fricke


Björn Fricke

Björn is an ambitious self-starting marketing professional with strong international business background living in Hamburg.